Friends and neighbors, good news!

Let me back up a bit first and give you some background. Tapoco Lodge has been around since the 1920's and very historical. When Earl Schaffer made his long walk the Lodge was up and running on the original AT and he even mentions walking past it on his way up to Deals Gap. When the BMT opened that section in 2005 it was only 0.5 miles from the BMT and was a good spot for BMT hikers to get a room and some food. The Lodge was closed in 2010 just as I was starting to print my BMT Thru-Hikers Guide which was a darn shame.

But that year it was bought by a businessman from the local area who had gone off to Florida and made his fortune. His vision was a swank mountain retreat for high classed big money spenders and I was warned that they did not include hikers in that list of VIPs. Darn hiker trash! In 2011 I decided to ignore the warning and give the new owner a shot. We went to the restaurant and were enjoying an expensive pizza when a man that introduced himself as the new manager asked me what I thought of the new place and the service. We told him we enjoyed it very much, then I introduced myself as a guidebook writer for one of our nations premier long trails and that this trail came very close to his establishment. I asked him if I could get some information about the Lodge under it's new business plan and include it in the next edition of my guidebook...

And here is the truth I swear: That man looked at my wife and I like a bag of crap someone had lit and thrown on his doorstep. He didn't speak another word, just turned his back and walked away. All I could think was "good luck with this enterprise pal, you will be out of business in a coupe of years with an attitude like that". Turns out it was about 3 years, so I was close. In the intervening years we rerouted the trail so it actually goes right in front of the Lodge now too, so it was a shame that it was a place forlorn to hikers.

So this December the business goes up for auction. I assumed with all the money the last owner dumped into it that we were looking at someone with deep pockets and a similar business plan. I just sort of wrote off the idea of ever getting back in there for hikers. I didn't hear what it sold for, but it did go. Then just a couple of weeks ago I get an e-mail from Dick Evans (Beowulf on the forum) that there is a possibility that we might be approved a reroute of the BMT that... [Read More]